Stuart Harrold - He's the MAN!

Dave , 20 Mar 2017

I would bet the house that anybody would struggle to find a better real estate agent than Stuart Harrold at Vowles Real Estate. When I decided to sell the property, I shopped the idea around to a few real estate agents. It was quickly apparent that Stuart was by far a superior option in the sale of my property. His level of professionalism, property expertise and personalised service ensured that the entire process was stress free. Within a week, my property was under contract. From contract signing through to settlement, Stuart kept me informed of all developments. In addition to my Cairns sale, I was also selling a property and purchasing another one on the Sunshine Coast. I had numerous questions throughout this process and this is testament to how good Stuart is: I’m not sure how many times I phoned him but he told me that he would help me out with any queries regarding a sale that he had no vested interest in. I could have directed these questions to the local agent, but Stuart has continually displayed a level of service that is second-to-none. Thank you Stuart for being AWESOME! Regards Dave